Declassified FBI Documents Shake Washington To Its Core

The FBI has declassified and published a 16-page document this Saturday showing that logistical support was given to two terrorists before 9/11.

The document reveals an interview that the FBI did with a Saudi citizen who was in contact with other Saudis in the United States and who gave the 9-11 hijackers “great logistical support.” Fifteen of the 19 terrorists were Saudis, as reported by Fox News.

In 2018, families of the victims of the terror attack asked former President Trump to declassify the files connected to 9/11.

“Documents are crucial for us since they show the extent of Saudi Arabia’s connection with the terrorists and their attacks, and these documents also show the way in which both United States presidents and top officials silenced the investigation and hid the Saudi role,” said Jim Kreindler, an attorney for the families of the 9/11 victims said.

President Biden asked the FBI along with other federal agencies for a declassification review on September 3.

“The conclusions and findings in this FBI investigation support the arguments regarding the Saudi government’s responsibility for the terror attacks on 9-11,” said Kreindler, as reported by Fox News. “This document, along with the other evidence gathered, gives a blueprint for how (al Qaeda) worked inside the United States with the support of the Saudi government.”

Saudi national Omar al-Bayoumi, who had links to the government, helped the hijackers Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi get an apartment in California when they got to the country. The Saudi man who was spoken to by the FBI knew Bayoumi.

Bayoumi stated he met the 9-11 hijackers in a “random encounter” at a restaurant. The FBI attempted several times to find out if that was accurate during his interview, Fox News reported.

The document shows that the hijackers were speaking with Saudi associates in the United States, but it does not show that Saudi government officials were connected, according to Fox News.

Saudi Arabia has denied any participation in the 9-11 attacks and the Saudi Embassy inside Washington, D.C., supports total declassification of all connected records, Fox News has said.

Author: Scott Dowdy