Cyberattack Puts Entire Nation On Red Alert As Disaster Looms

As reports have said earlier, “the greatest attack against energy infrastructure we have experienced in this country happened” on Friday when a cyberattack was conducted against the Colonial Pipeline. The pipeline runs from NJ. to Texas and gives 45% of the diesel and gasoline on the East Coast. While the target of the attack was the company’s business computers, the pipeline itself was stopped as a precaution while another company investigated the event.

The hackers are thought to be part of DarkSide. The group took 100gb of data out of the company’s network last week before they halted the pipeline. DarkSide is a group that attempts to blackmail companies and is said to be based in Russia.

Experts say that gas prices will increase if the pipeline, which has now been shut down for three days, does not reopen soon. Sunday night it was reported that the Department of Transportation gave an emergency declaration for the region, giving drivers relief from certain parts of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations.

The declaration will last until the emergency is over. While the DarkSide criminal group is suspected to be responsible, the FBI says they were notified of a disruption at the pipeline and they are working closely with the firm “and government partners.”

While DarkSide is said to be linked to Russia, the White House is silent. Perhaps Putin is fighting back against Biden’s talk about “election meddling” in a digital way?

Author: Scott Dowdy