Cuomo’s Luck Just Took a Turn For The Worst – Impeachment Imminent

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about embattled New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Perhaps the corrupt Democrat thought his troubles were over, since he wasn’t popping up in the news as much. Not quite.

The media might have turned to other news, but the disgraced governor is in no less trouble.

Cuomo continues to face a federal probe into how he lied about nursing home deaths in the state. His staff covered up the shocking number of COVID deaths, in order to distract from an executive order her passed.

That should be enough to destroy a Democrat’s career. But there’s more. While New York liberals didn’t mind Cuomo’s treatment of the elderly, the drew a line over numerous allegations of sexual harassment (going back years). Democrats finally got their act together, in order to impeach Cuomo.

Now, we have an update on the probe’s progress.

The New York state Assembly’s Judiciary committee is set to issue subpoenas as part of its investigation into sexual misconduct charges against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo…

“The purpose of this process is to both gather substantive evidence, as well as to assess the credibility and corroborate information learned during interviews,” said Lavine, according to The Epoch Times.

The Judiciary committee has been probing sexual misconduct allegations against Cuomo since March. So far, at least 10 women have separately come forward accusing the governor of sexual misconduct. [Source: Just the News]

It’s funny how skewed Democrats’ priorities are. Lying to the federal government over 5,000 unnecessary deaths? Meh! Ten women claim that he flirted with them? Off with his head!

Make no mistake, the sexual harassment claims are serious and damning. It’s just unusual how it took a flood of them to get New York Democrats to step up and finally do their job. But the probe has been going on since March and they are only now working on subpoenaing witness statements.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I would think getting those witness statements would be the first thing you do, in an investigation.

We can speculate what these Democrats were doing for all these months, but at least the probe is continuing. Cuomo probably hoped that he’d be saved once the heat died down. But something tells me plenty of women will line up to give their statements to the Judiciary committee.

With a mountain of testimonies, given under oath, to work with, it’s hard to imagine the New York state Assembly won’t move forward with the impeachment.

Earlier in the year, one woman after another came out to accuse Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. Some of them were one-time encounters, where the man clearly overstepped boundaries in a way that intimidated and shocked women. Other times, he displayed consistent mistreatment in his own office, forcing high-ranking staff members to resign.

Numerous women claimed Cuomo acted this way all the time, but they were discouraged from coming out—because of pressure from other staff members (including other women).

Now that the dam has broken, it’s a matter of time to see what becomes of Cuomo.

Author: Tim Jones