Cuomo Blasted With Even More Accusations

It does not seem that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is going to come out of this scandal unscathed. In fact, at this point, if he manages to hold onto his job—it will be a miracle. Because, it appears Democrats are pulling out all the stops to destroy him.

By now, you probably know about the nursing home scandal. His office covered up the real number of deaths to avoid a federal investigation. But after a top aide admitted it, the FBI launched a case. Soon after that, lawmakers and staffers came out to accuse Cuomo of various episodes of harassment or intimidation.

So far, two former staffers have claimed the governor sexually harassed them. The man himself has been defiant, refusing to admit to what really happened. Democrats in the state are calling for investigations, perhaps impeachment inquiries. Now, another woman has stepped forward, claiming he did the same to her.

Anna Ruch, now 33 and a former member of the Obama administration who worked on Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, says she met Cuomo for the first time at a crowded wedding in September of 2019. Upon confronting Cuomo, Ruch thanked him for the kind words he had said about the couple getting married. Cuomo proceeded to put his hand on her bare back, and she quickly removed his hand…

Ms. Ruch’s recollections were corroborated by her friend who was nearby, and by “contemporaneous text messages and photographs.” [Source: Just the News]

According to Ruch’s story, Cuomo behaved inappropriately when they met at a wedding. He touched her and even tried to kiss her. While this is only a single encounter, it appears to underscore the stories of women who worked for Cuomo, who faced ongoing harassment from the governor.

But before we can even catch our breathes, yet another account of supposed harassment has hit the news.

Two decades before being accused of misconduct against women while he was New York governor, a younger Andrew Cuomo was the subject of a sexual harassment complaint from a government official who claimed that Cuomo — serving at the time in Bill Clinton’s cabinet — also hounded her with “a series of attacks and dirty tricks.” [Source: Just the News]

Wow, they’re really adding fuel to this fire, huh? Now, an alleged encounter from twenty years ago is being revealed—which can serve as confirmation of all the other women’s stories. While something like this (as well as the wedding encounter) won’t necessarily be investigated by the state AG, it can certainly turn public opinion against Cuomo.

The state has already suffered tremendous thanks to his and New York City’s Bill de Blasio’s strict lockdowns. There are plenty of New Yorkers who blame Cuomo for how badly the virus hurt them. Add to that the nursing home scandal, who could blame residents for wanting Cuomo gone? Then to learn the man has a potential history of harassing women?

I’m surprised impeachment hearings haven’t started already.

Clearly, the left has found a new scapegoat to destroy. As these stories came out, even the liberal-leaning media couldn’t protect Cuomo. Now, they are piling on, hoping the rest of the party can be spared.

But none of this happened in a vacuum. We’ll see if Cuomo takes anyone down with him.