Cruz Annihilates Biden After Border Photos Leak

We’ve all watched for weeks as the Biden administration pathetically tried to pretend like nothing was going on at the border. They refused to use the dirty little word “crisis,” even though reports suggested hundreds of thousands of migrants were demanding entrance into the country. The administration claimed they were not stopping anyone from viewing the border, until people tried.

Sen. Ted Cruz tried to take footage of the deplorable conditions of some of the detention facilities, but was stopped by Biden officials. Only leaked photos from a Democrat revealed the shocking reality. Migrants were crammed into cage-like cells, forced to sleep on floors, with no attempts to protect their health.

Now, a group of reporters was able to visit one facility. And it’s no better than what we’ve heard.

The Biden Administration finally allowed two journalists and a film crew to enter the Border Patrol migrant child detention center in Donna, Texas. The resulting photos and video show the conditions where more than 4,100 children are held in a facility with a capacity of 250 — 1,700 percent above capacity…

Officials allowed the journalists to photograph and observe the processing of the children and the facilities where they were being held well beyond the 27-hour legal limit. [Source: Breitbart]

You might be wondering where the government should put all these people, given the overcrowded facilities. Well, they shouldn’t be keeping them anywhere. Under Donald Trump, asylum seekers were required to remain in Mexico until their cases were processed. That reduced the strain on both countries. Those who jumped the border illegally were not allowed to stay in the U.S. They were deported right away.

But because Biden ended both of those policies, and many others, his administration is overwhelmed by a flood of aliens.

When looking at Biden’s massive failure, Ted Cruz pointed out the obvious.

“In terms of a facility like this, if you had a school, if you had childcare, if you had any facility that takes care of kids that was even a fraction of what the Biden administration has set up, you’d be shut down.

The public health authorities would go after you. You would be fined. You might even be prosecuted… There are no beds. There are no cots, lying on the floor side-by-side touching huddled under reflective aluminum foil emergency blankets.” [Source: Breitbart]

Isn’t it odd that, when Trump was accused of mistreating migrant children, the liberal media pitched a fit? They published misleading or outright dishonest magazine covers to suggest Trump was deliberately harming migrants. Yet we have the proof that Biden’s administration is cramming kids into cages, depriving them of basic necessities, and subjecting them to possible COVID infection.

And the MSM is nearly silent.

Don’t they care about these children anymore? Don’t they want the country to know that Biden is doing far worse to these kids than Trump ever did?

Hmm… perhaps they never cared. For the media, it was just about politics. And because Biden is a Democrat, he can do anything he wants to these migrants—and nobody on the left will say a word.