CPAC Turns Into a MAGA Rally

President Donald Trump will continue to try to drain the swamp. Trump is creating a new “PAC”, one he hopes will rival all the others, of both parties.

This is not the first MAGA PAC. Back in 2015, Trump’s ally Leslie Caldwell kicked off the first MAGA PAC, but it was classified as a super PAC. Super PACs have less money-raising restrictions, which allow big donors to give millions to a political campaign.

While Trump campaigned during the 2016 race, he said he had no interest in super PACs.

“Super PACs are a scam, they’re a disaster” President Trump stated. “They lead to dishonesty and we need to get rid of them, because they are leading good people to make bad decisions.”

Trump had the MAGA super PAC stopped in 2015. The new Make America Great Again PAC will let Trump fund-raise more than a presidential campaign, and also help other MAGA candidates running for congress.

This MAGA PAC cannot get donations from unions or corporations. This means the funds flowing into the PAC will go into a pool of funds, raised mostly by normal citizens who support Trump. Now these same supporters will have the ability to donate up to $5,000 annually to a MAGA PAC.

This new PAC could go toe-to-toe with the dark money groups, which is the “swamp’s” biggest advantage, and how they control politicians in DC.