CPAC Sues Hyatt For Outrageous ‘Nazi’ Stunt

The American Conservative Union (ACU), the group that overseas CPAC, is “seriously considering every option,” Matt Schlapp told reporters after the ACU’s lawyer sent a letter to Hyatt protesting the company’s choice to breathe new life into anti-white slander against conservatives.

Leftist have seized on the shape of the stage, claiming it was an inverted Odal rune, a symbol used by some Nazi groups.

ACU Chair Matt Slapp said the conspiracies were slanderous and outrageous. CPAC supports the Jewish State of Israel and hosted numerous Jewish prayer services.

Hyatt refused to cancel the conservative gathering. A spokesperson said, “We believe in the peaceful expression of views.”

Yet most recently, as CPAC came to a close, Hyatt put out another statement that brought attention to the conspiracy.

“We see the concerns about the possibility of racist symbols being within the design at the CPAC event very seriously as all such symbols are terrible and counter to our values,” a Hyatt spokesman said.

Hyatt leadership then felt the need to explain why the company did not cancel CPAC during the event.

“With CPAC’s denial of any connection to these symbols and the safety of guests guaranteed, in what could have led to disruptive circumstances, we let the event go on,” the company said.

According to CPAC, Hyatt worked with them to organize the event, and Hyatt had “worked collaboratively to build the stage.”

CPAC’s attorney, David Safavian, sent a letter to Hyatt’s Thomas Pritzker. While the letter did not name any exact legal threats, CPAC’s words suggest they might sue Hyatt for defamation.

“Hyatt made a choice to issue statements last night that defamed and disparaged us. These statements seem to validate malicious and false claims,” Safavian said. “When we discovered the orchestrated assault on us, we contacted your management to clear the record. Together, we promptly responded to those accusations.”

“We collaborated with your company, including sharing of the stage design that was designed by one of our subcontractors. Your statements hid your role. In fact, your company, with our organization and subcontractors, worked together to build this stage. Only after a far-left attack to destroy us did you succumb to lies and make them worse with your own,” the CPAC lawyer said.