Covert Investigation Into Biden Unearths Bombshell Discovery

The number of illegals, especially unaccompanied kids, have spiked at the southern border in what the GOP has said is a direct result of Biden’s actions.

This week, statistics by Border Patrol showed the amount of people arriving at the border had gone up by over 100 percent during the first two months of this year. This included over 9,400 children trying to cross the border alone.

According to Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, in February there were over 100,000 migrant encounters.

“Those are the ones we saw, not the ones who got through,” McCarthy said. “What does that equal? 100,000 is a higher amount than Scranton, Biden’s hometown, in one month.”

A Republican delegation led by Rep. McCarthy said they are planning on going to Texas to oversee the border for themselves. They said migrants were attracted by promises of amnesty and possible legislation backed by Biden, which would give citizenship to millions of illegals.

“It’s a bad narrative for America and it’s hurting those people coming here who are abused every day,” Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R) said.

Former immigration leaders have said the border crisis is a direct result of Biden’s promises made while running for office.

Furthermore, the Biden White House has promised that the border is “closed,” yet has struggled to house the surge of unaccompanied children. The Biden team has also taken criticism for holding children for extended lengths of time in border patrol cells usually used for adults.

Analysts say the border issue will be a top topic for the 2022 midterm elections, with the GOP using it as a starting point to get back seats in the Senate and House.