Cotton Comes Forward With Proof China Is Blackmailing Biden

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) slammed the CCP over its attempt to blackmail the Biden White House. This Friday, in the Senate, Cotton asked Biden to act against our top adversary.

This was after China put out a series of sanctions against almost 30 Trump officials, including Secretary of State Pompeo. Senator Cotton said the sanctions were enacted just moments after Biden assumed power.

“They are not simply blusters. They’re another part of the CCP’s long-term strategy to coerce America at every level of business and government,” Cotton said. “They are a direct assault on the independence of American policy on China and an attempt to blackmail our executive branch with personal financial ruin in the future if they ever push back against the CCP.”

Cotton requested that Biden publicly denounce these “steps of intimidation” and label them a day-one assault. He pushed the administration to enact sanctions against Chinese officials who are behind the blackmail attempts.

However, many GOP members have theorized that Biden will go easy on China, and the CCP even allegedly wanted him to win the November election.