Corrupt Judge Throws Democrats a Lifeline — How Is This Legal?

Governor Greg Abbott has officially ordered a new special session, forcing the Texas Dems who left to block a voter security bill to keep their foolish charade. But now, an activist judge has come in and thrown them a lifeline.

The Democrat Judge has signed an order to prevent the enforcement of arrest warrants issued for the Texas Dems. Arrests which are allowed under the state Constitution as a method of enforcement to force lawmakers to appear when they refuse to show to perform their duties.

This seems to allow the fugitive Dems to return home from DC with no way to force them to give a quorum as the law demands. In other words, the state government will never function the same way again because now the minority party can just refuse to show up to work whenever they want to stop some legislation. The fact that the GOP has a huge majority in the Texas House is irrelevant. The whole legislature in the State has been made useless due to a judges order. This is tyranny.

The caveat is that this order signed by this judge only lasts two weeks. At this point, the arrests would seemingly be allowed. But you can expect a new order to be signed to extend this forever.

Abbott must keep himself on the offensive. This dynamic should be challenged promptly in whatever way it can so that this Dem judge’s word is not done. There might also be more ways to put the Texas Dems on ice, maybe hurting them financially. Why should they make money if they are not showing up for work? If there are any executive actions that Governor Abbott can take to pass the provisions of the election integrity legislation, he should go down that path too.

This must not be allowed to go on because again, if it does, then the state legislative system may as well not exist.

This comes at a time when Democrats are also attempting to turn Texas “blue.” And thanks to the influx of people from California, along with the mass movement of illegals, the trend does support this succeeding eventually.

Author: Blake Ambrose