Coronavirus Investigation Hits a Brick Wall — Guess Who’s Behind It?

Four months preceding the Obama White House stopped government funding for gain-of-function studies on American soil, the process that virologists use to change viruses to be more easily transmissible to other humans, an agency within the NIH – headed by Dr. Fauci – effectively moved this research to the China-based Wuhan Virology Institute through a grant to the nonprofit group called EcoHealth Alliance, led by Peter Daszak.

Now, Daszak is not going along with a request from House GOP related to his work at the Chinese lab.

As official investigators dig to find the truth about Daszak’s links to the Chinese lab, Daszak is continuing to ignore the congressional request.

In April, GOP members on the Energy and Commerce House Committee sent Daszak a letter ordering him to hand over, “all communications, letters, and emails between EcoHealth and the China lab connected to bat coronaviruses or gene sequencing, SARS-CoV-2, and lab safety protocols” pursuant to crucial research funding through the EcoHealth group to the Chinese lab as a government grant recipient.

Daszak has not gone along with this request. A spokesperson for the Commerce and Energy Committee told reporters this week that the GOP-led committee has “gotten no response from EcoHealth Alliance or Peter Daszak to the letter from the Republican leaders.”

“We have requested that Daszak give information we understand he possesses that puts light on the source of this virus,” said Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who also publicly mentioned Daszak’s refusal to go along with those requests.

“Daszak, you got American money to do research on bat viruses at the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Rodgers stated during the congressional meeting. “You owe it to the American publican to be forthcoming.”

Meanwhile, Congressional Dems are not actually interested in finding the truth – as they themselves have subpoena power in the Senate and House. The deciding authority lies with them – in particular with Frank Pallone who is the Commerce and Energy Committee Chairman – and who increased Fauci’s funding by $2 billion through 2020.

Why a subpoena has not been given in over two months is not certain, but we could guess…

Author: Scott Dowdy