Cops Arrest Conservatives For “Future Crime”

A Florida mother was kicked from a school board meeting for “something horrendous she was about to say” about a school board member. Officers were captured on film converging on the woman as she spoke in front of the microphone at the meeting.

Melissa Bakondy, a local mom of four, called out a board member during Tuesday’s meeting for remarks she is accused of making at a prior meeting, according to Fox News.

“Shirley Brown was heard on the microphone at the most recent meeting, discussing” Bakondy began before chairwoman Jane Goodwin interrupted her: “Stop talking about the board members. You’re finished. Thank you for coming, goodbye. I’ve informed you many times before,” she continued. “You are done, Mrs. Bakondy.”

The officer then walked to the microphone and stood about two feet in front of Bakondy. Two more police officers soon joined them and flanked the mother on either side.

Bakondy asked Godwin what was wrong, and she responded, “You were going to say something horrible about Shirley Brown, please leave… You’ve made allegations against me that are untrue. Please go!”

Goodwin then questioned Bakondy, “Do you have kids in our school? Do you have kids in our school district?”

“Point of order!” exclaimed Bridget Ziegler, a conservative board member. “That is not correct! You can’t ask individuals who attend a public meeting if they have kids or not. Period! You are out of line.”

Goodwin ordered the cops to ask Bakondy to leave, and Fox News said she then left the meeting.

According to the cable channel, Ziegler’s husband — Florida Republican Vice Chairman Christian Ziegler — posted the debate on Twitter, despite the fact that it does not show her being kicked off.

In the article, Goodwin is dubbed the “queen of no free speech,” according to Bakondy and Ziegler, who said that Goodwin and two other liberal board members want meetings to prohibit free speech.

Author: Steven Sinclaire