Conservatives Can’t Stop Laughing After DeSantis Dishes Out The Ultimate Biden Troll

Has there been anything more outrageous than Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate? We really thought he could get no lower with his open border crisis. We thought he did his worst when he handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban. We certainly thought he saw the error of his ways when inflation, gas prices, and a supply chain crisis exploded.

But Biden managed to top them all with a demand that Americans get vaxed or lose their jobs.

This order was a gross violation of Americans’ privacy and personal rights. Not only that, but it could be the worse example of presidential abuse we’ve ever seen. Biden knew that Americans were mistrustful of the vaccine. Instead of finding ways to instill confidence in it, he acted like a dictator.

How’s that worked out for him?

A federal court put a block on the mandate, with many, many, lawsuits that are ongoing. States are issuing their own counter orders. But in Florida, the governor went a bit further to express his disgust of the Biden administration.

On Thursday, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis trolled President Biden by signing bills against vaccine mandates at a site in Brandon, Florida…

“This is the strongest piece of legislation that’s been enacted anywhere in the country in this regard. … We are respecting people’s individual freedom in this state,” he declared. [Source: Daily Wire]

The bills signed by Gov. DeSantis will prevent companies from issuing mandates that force workers to get vaccinated. Those that do issue mandates are required to provide religious and medical exemptions. Any company that violates these laws can face fines as high as $10,000.

The choice to sign these bills in Brandon, FL was deliberate. DeSantis has trolled Biden’s administration in a similar fashion before, calling it the “Brandon” administration during a recent speech. The governor is referencing the recent trend at sporting events for fans to chant, “Let’s Go Braden,” as code for “F*** Joe Biden.”

That phrase has become a rallying cry by millions of Americans to express their outrage over this failed, abusive administration. Joe Biden has reneged on nearly every one of his promises to unify and “build back better.” Instead, he’s become a Trojan horse for radical, far-left policies—and his decisions have only led to one crisis after another.

Florida, to the surprise of many, is leading the fight against Biden’s toxic agenda. This bill, as DeSantis stated, is the strongest measure by any state to push back against Biden’s mandate. Other states have led ongoing lawsuits against the administration, while others have issued executive orders of their own. But thanks to a cooperative legislation, DeSantis was able to make his vaccine mandate ban law.

Now, if only the rest of the Republican states followed his lead… we might actually have a country again.

Author: Joe Smith