Conservative TV Host Gears Up To Replace Scandal-Ridden Whitmer

Democrat governors who botched their COVID response are quickly facing the consequences of their decisions. Apparently, acting like a power-hungry dictator is not the way to win over Americans!

California’s Gavin Newsom will face a recall election in the Fall. New York’s Andrew Cuomo continues to get battered with scandals. He could be impeached or face a devastating re-election loss.

But perhaps the worst of them all is Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer. The smug, elitist Democrat pushed harsh lockdown rules, even as residents suffered. When they demanded the lockdowns to end, Whitmer extended them out of spite. Then she was exposed for breaking her own rules—for herself and family members.

And that’s not even counting her own poor decisions that led to unnecessary deaths. But now, a new challenger has emerged to take Whitmer’s seat.

Real America’s Voice host and conservative commentator Tudor Dixon announced Thursday she is running for governor of Michigan.

“I am excited to announce that I am running for governor to get Michigan back on track,” Dixon tweeted. “We will restore our state and help Michiganders build their American Dream once again! Let’s do this Michigan!”

“I am honored by the tremendous encouragement I’ve received to run,” Dixon also said, in a statement obtained by Fox News. “It is time to reopen, rebuild, and restore Michigan. But to do that, we have to turn the page on Governor Whitmer’s record of failed leadership.” [Source: Just the News]

Dixon is the first, but perhaps not the last, conservative to go after Whitmer’s office. Several other figures have been considered to take up the fight, including Republican John James and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Some suspect the primary battle for Michigan’s governorship will be crowded, all thanks to Whitmer’s epic failures. She has done such a poor job running the state, critics expert voters to oust her the second they get a chance.

All it would take is a smart, charismatic, and determined candidate to win over voters, even liberal ones. Does Dixon have what it takes?

As a popular conservative news host, she has name recognition and an established fan base. She can also leverage her experience in the media to capture attention and run effective campaign ads.

It won’t take much for her to explain why she would be a better governor than Whitmer. Gretchen has done very little to impress or please the residents of Michigan recently. She can (and will) blame COVID all she wants, but it’s clear she has been doing it all for herself. Hell, she vetoed a bill that would have ended her emergency powers—even as the pandemic subsided.

If that’s not power-hungry, I don’t know what is.

Author: Mac Sanders