Conservative Florida Gov Crushing His Liberal Opponents in New Poll

Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, has not been shy about his conservative agenda. Ever since becoming governor in 2018, he’s aggressively pushed the state to the right. He’s passed laws that protect the unborn, expand 2nd Amendment rights, and keep CRT from public schools. He strongly opposed the left’s COVID “response,” reopening the state before anyone else. Even recently, he’s gone after the Biden administration, suing them over numerous issues.

You shouldn’t be surprised that Democrats want the man out of office, immediately. Florida was once a useful swing state. But ever since DeSantis got in there, they lost their one senator and more congressional seats flipped red. As more New York retirees die off, it seems they are getting replaced by DeSantis-loving conservatives. More Republican voters are registered in Florida for the first time in history. Several well-funded Democrats are gunning for the governor’s seat.

But a new poll shows he’s leaving them in the dust.

Results from a new poll show Florida GOP governor Ron DeSantis absolutely crushing the major Democratic candidates challenging him on the gubernatorial race in November 2022.

The Saint Leo University Polling Institute found DeSantis leading former Florida governor Charlie Crist by 16 points, 49%-33%,   Annette Taddeo, who was Crist’s running mate in the 2014 gubernatorial election and now serves as a state senator, by a whopping 19 points, 49%-30%, and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried by a staggering 24 points, 51%-27%.

The significance of the margin of dominance DeSantis is showing should not be underestimated; in 2010, GOP candidate Rick Scott defeated his Democratic opponent, Alex Sink, 49%-48%…

In 2018, DeSantis squeaked through by a tiny 40,000 votes over Democrat Andrew Gillum in an election in which over 8.2 million votes were cast, a difference of .4% [Source: Daily Wire]

It appears voting demographics have shifted dramatically since DeSantis was elected in 2018. So much so, DeSantis is currently beating his liberal rivals by double digits. This could be explained by incoming residents shifting the state red. Or the fact that retirees who moved to Florida over the last 40 years from New York are dying off.

But the better explanation is simple. DeSantis is an unapologetic conservative. He means what he says and is actually upholding values that most Republicans profess, but do nothing to support. Voters are seeing a man actually make good on his promises—and having a dramatic effect on the state. Even former liberal voters have to respect that.

This is one of those few moments where a politician is actually showing results. And that is something Americans like to see. Most politicians cost throughout their careers. They rely on talking points and identity politics to win elections. But DeSantis is taking no breaks. He has fought for every inch of ground in the state of Florida. And he doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

That’s more than enough reason for voters to give him another term.

Author: Moe Blow