Conservative A.G. Scores Major Win Over Desperate Biden Team

A school district in the state of Texas and the state’s current attorney general have won a lawsuit against a Joe Biden vaccine mandate, winning themselves an injunction on mask and vaccine mandates within a federal educational program in the state’s schools.

The injunction applied to a program paid for by the federal government, which had tried to mandate vaccines and masks as a condition of enrollment in the state’s schools. A.G. Ken Paxton said that other state officials will follow his lead after the victory, stepping up the challenge to Biden’s vaccine mandates being forced upon school districts.

The Lubbock School District and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had asked the federal court system to rule against the mandates connected to federally-backed Head Start programs in the nation, although Judge James “Wesley” Hendrix” used his injunction only in the state of Texas. Henrix, a Trump appointee of the Texas northern district, gave the injunction this past Friday.

LISD warned before that the vaccine and mask mandates had the possibility to force lower-income kids out of the vital program, meant to help the educational future of in-danger youth, and might harm morale of educational employees.

Governor Greg Abbott celebrated the ruling in a weekend tweet, saying its legal precedent might be used as a way to overthrow other Joe Biden vaccine mandates. Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate, which is applied to around 84 million workers not previously subject to vaccine mandates, has had a rocky uphill battle in the federal legal system, with the White House seemingly poised to push for its legality before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The court decision is a preliminary injunction, and the issue will be further discussed within the United States federal court system.

Children have almost no risk of having a severe case of the covid virus or dying from it. The overwhelming bulk of teachers are now already vaccinated.

This comes at a time when Democrats increasingly ignore the deaths among vaccinated people, claiming that these deaths are the fault of unvaccinated people. A belief that of course does not make sense.

Author: Steven Sinclaire