Congress Has Late-Night Vote On Electoral Votes

Source: AP Photo/Susan Wals

Late last night, D.C. reconvened in a joint session to choose to certify the 11 electoral votes from Arizona, which were initially thought to be for Joe Biden. 

This was hours after both chambers broke when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) objected to election certification. The Senate and House then went to debate and vote on if they agreed to the objection.

This process was stopped after pro-Trump protesters apparently broke into the Capitol building. President Trump had to bring in the National Guard to aid Police in responding to the threat. 

Trump eventually released a video, asking his supporters to “go home” and “be peaceful.” 

“I know your hurt and your pain. Our an election was stolen,” Trump said in the video. “It was a landslide victory and we all know it, especially the Democrats. But you need to go home now.”

Even though Democrats and Republicans called on Trump to speak to his supporters, tech companies censored it. Twitter stopped users from retweeting the President’s tweet. Even going so far as deleting it and suspended Trump’s account for 12 hours. 

Facebook also deleted the video from their website and Instagram. They added they would also remove any photos or references that could possibly “encourage more violence” going forward.

The end result is that the certification objection has failed 93 to 6 in the Senate. And failed 303 to 121 in the house. It appears the certification might happen after all. The next state Republicans plan to challenge is Georgia.