Congress Gets Vaccine Before Americans

Image Source: USA Today

Recently, Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outraged many—including her own ally—why she showed off how she was getting the COVID vaccine. I’m sure the empty-headed Democrat thought she was doing the right thing, to encourage others to get it as well. The problem? She was jumping the line, getting the vaccine before high-risk Americans like the elderly.

Even leftists Ilhan Omar, who doesn’t shy away from controversy, condemned AOC. Many thought it was wrong for a woman in her thirties and in good health to get a dose, when so many others have yet to get one. But it seems the congresswoman thought she has special privilege, because she serves in the House of Representatives.

Surprise! It looks like all the rest of those self-absorbed, entitled crooks will be getting a vaccine before you and your loved ones.

Congressional lawmakers and their top staffers will receive the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine before the general public…

According to a memo Monahan sent members of Congress, every lawmaker will be able to designate two staffers from their personal office to receive the vaccine. Members of the congressional leadership, including committee chairman and ranking members, will be allowed to put forward four staffers each…

Overall, more than 1,000 congressional staffers will be eligible to receive the first dose of the vaccine, according to Politico. [Source: Breitbart]

The federal government is putting the people who refused to help Americans at the front of the line to receive a life-saving vaccine. Why? Because apparently their work is critical for the “continuity of government operations.”

Sorry, but I don’t think most Americans will be shaken up if a few more congressmen are forced to stay home sick. Remember in 2019, when the government was shut down for over a month? Those were some good times, man! In fact, the economy added hundreds of thousands of new jobs! Maybe we’re better off when these riches, entitled crooks can’t pass more rules to ruin our lives?

If this is what they are doing at the federal level, imagine what’s happening in state governments? We already know some states are denying vaccines to those in need. I wonder if they have reserves thousands of doses for their incompetent, crooked staffers who encouraged harmful lockdowns that ruined their economies?

We don’t have to wonder. If they don’t care enough about us to keep our businesses open, they certainly won’t blink at keeping the vaccine for themselves.

Although millions of Americans have already received doses, many including those over 70 have yet to receive it. Perhaps congressional staffers should take the hit, for once, to ensure Americans get what they need.

Crazy, I know. But it’ll be a first.