Coalition Of States Set Biden In Their Crosshairs

A group of 13 states, lead by the Attorney General of Missouri, Eric Schmitt, are suing the White House after President Joe Biden enacted a “climate change” order that will damage local economies.

“Agriculture, manufacturing, and energy creation are essential to the state of Missouri. These industries employ thousands of Missourians. Under Biden’s EO, which he did not have the authority to sign, these Missourians could be left in the dust,” Schmitt said in a statement on Monday. “From higher energy costs to lost employment, this huge expansion of regulatory power has the possibility to impact almost everyone in the state – that’s why I’m leading a group of states to put an end to this executive order and protect our families.”

The lawsuit focuses on fighting a new onslaught of regulations due to the executive order, which President Biden signed in January.

“The lawsuit states, ‘In practice, Biden’s EO orders agencies to use this large figure to excuse an equally large expansion of regulatory power that will interfere with every aspect of Americans’ lives—from cars, to refrigerators and homes, to their electric and grocery bills. If this stands, it will cause hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage to our economy. It will destroy jobs, stifle America’s energy independence and impoverish American families,'” Schmitt’s office said.

Attorneys General from South Carolina, Indiana, Arkansas, Montana, Kansas, Ohio, Arizona, Nebraska, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Utah have joined Missouri.