Coalition Of MAGA Republicans Plan Hostile Takeover To Save America

The war within the House Republican caucus has reached a new divide, with the vocal, pro-Donald Trump wing asking for voters to dump GOP centrists.

“We are not on the fringe,” said Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. “We are the current base,” she said during her appearance with former Donald Trump aide Steve Bannon on his podcast called “War Room” this Tuesday.

Greene and other real conservatives have recently pushed further criticism of Republican leaders, including the Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the current Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, for partnering with Democrats and for not punishing GOP members who joined with Democrats to pass elements of Biden’s key agenda.

They have also attacked centrists in the GOP party who are angry about their hot, anti-Democratic talking points.

Greene, for one, took a new hit at fellow Congresswoman Nancy Mace, a South Carolina Republican who has asked for a Twitter truce with Dems and chided Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for critical comments of Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar. “I encourage those on both sides to take a pause,” Mace stated on CNN.

But Greene’s focus was on top GOP members and trying to take the lead in the pro-Trump wing.

Greene, for one, mentioned a Twitter thread scolding Republican leaders for not being conservative enough.

“There are many people that have to hear this. We conservatives in the House Republican circle are not the fringe,” she said via Twitter. “We actually are the base of GOP voters, which is around 70%. And when the party learns to represent real Conservative Americans, we won’t lose again.”

A former businesswoman who is now building a national base, Greene stated that Trumpism and the former president’s relation to blue-collar workers are the crucial keys to Republican success.

“We need to support America first policies and traditional family values. That is how the Republican conference can win every election and never lose again,” she said to Bannon.

This comes at a time when Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted down to record numbers. Americans have clearly had enough of extreme left policies and are ready for a change.

Author: Steven Sinclaire