CNN Starts Pushing For Mandated Vaccines

CNN medical analyst Dr. Reiner stated on Thursday on the show “OutFront” that he believed it was “time to begin mandating” people to get a covid vaccine.

Burnett said, “You know, Doctor Reiner, when you view at this in the larger context, there is still around a third of the potentially eligible population in the country that has not got a single dose. The Biden Admin. says it is not their job to mandate getting people vaccinated. Instead, they stated this.”

In a video clip, President Biden said, “Please get your vaccine now.”

Burnett asked, “Given where it is going, is it time to move past saying please and time to start mandating?”

Reiner responded, “I do believe it is time to begin mandating vaccines. And I believe that the private organizations and private industry will do that. At GW university, my current employer, beginning in fall, you cannot be on campus unless you are fully vaccinated.”

He added, “We are at the place in the pandemic now where the issue in this nation is that 150 million Americans are not yet vaccinated. Half of this number is under 18 years of age. But look at the adults. Seventy-five-million Americans have chosen not to get the vaccine. That choice could have consequences. Now, we cannot force you to take the jab in your arm. But there are a lot of jobs, perhaps, that can stop you from working if you choose not to get vaccinated. So I believe we need to get more proactive, and we will witness industry take a lead in this.”

This comes at a time when America is on hair’s edge on a range of issues. With Democrats’ still in an emotional fervor over Trump’s first White House term, racial issues taking center stage with anti-white critical race theory being forced onto children all over the nation. This has caused anger among parents. Many of whom have fought back against this forced agenda, and done so successfully. To imagine that the Biden Admin. would force another top-down policy that no one wants seems unthinkable, but never put anything past an extremist.

Author: Steven Sinclaire