CNN Reveals The Next Covid Tyranny

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The Covid vaccine isn’t even here yet but CNN is already prepping the masses for the tyranny of a “vaccine passport”, which supposedly will be needed to travel, and even “shop or go to the movies”. 

The CNN article says many tech companies are creating software to share vaccination “proof”. Companies would then require you to show credentials to enter public areas.

They went on to say that a nonprofit called “The Commons Project” and the World Economic Forum have joined forces with airlines to help the vaccine project. With their software, you will upload medical data to get a QR code which will be required to travel.

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And IBM has also created their own app called “Digital Health Pass”. Which lets you to keep your credentials in a mobile digital wallet.

A spokeperson from the Linux Foundation Public Health, Jenny Wanger, talked to CNN about roadblocks to organizing a digital response to Covid-19. Saying she thinks the setback was federal leadership and that each state had to go it alone. 

IBM, CommonPass and The Linux Foundation has partnered to create “universal standards” for these types of apps. 

Executive director of Linux Foundation, Brian Behlendorf, said they wanted to make vaccine credential checking as “interoperable” as email. Allowing people to travel to other nations easily, with point of entry checking.