CNN Pushes Conspiracy That Melania Harmed Children

After Melania Trump read to children at a children’s hospital, CNN falsely said she broke rules by removing her mask.

Mrs. Trump visited sick children on Tuesday to read a Children’s book. The reading was even broadcast over the intercom to children across the entire hospital.

The first lady entered the room with a mask and sat down. This was more than 12 feet away from the children. Then, according to the official hospital’s guidelines, she removed her mask to begin reading.

Mrs. Trump wished the children merry Christmas after finishing the book. Next, she played holiday bingo with the children.

After this, CNN ran a story where they claimed that Melania Trump had broken hospital rules by removing her mask. Even though the official guidelines are clear that speakers are allowed to go without a mask when delivering a speech.

More than that, report Kate Bennett said on Twitter that the first lady took her mask off while reading to the kids. This was without any context as to the official rules.

The hospital put out a statement denying CNN’s take. The first lady’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said the story was a “false attack” with a headline that ignores the hospital’s statement.

The Children’s National Hospital’s statement defended the first lady. Saying all protocols were followed based on DC Health guidelines. Including the part on speeches being given six feet from the audience. Ending with the fact that the first lady was 12-feet away during the reading. And that the remainder of her visit was done with a mask.

CNN has not yet changed its story or headline. This is despite requests by the First Lady’s staff.