CNN+ in Bigger Trouble Than We Thought–It Could Be Dead Before We Know It

We found out not that long ago that CNN, along with investors, was planning on putting $2 billion on the line for their new streaming platform. They had predicted they’d get millions of subscribers in the first year, with upwards of 18 million users in the next four years.

Man, what a bunch of idiots.

It seems that CNN assumed they were losing TV viewers, because everyone is watching streaming content. They didn’t seem to realize that—streaming or no—people aren’t interested in watching cold, alien elitists telling them what to think. And with Trump out of office, even the braindead liberals who watched CNN have wandered away.

So, we learned that this big gamble called CNN+ wasn’t doing too well. Even their big “get,” Fox News’s Chris Wallace, was a blunder. He might be on the chopping block. But so is the entire platform.

CNN’s fledgling streaming service CNN+ may already be heading for the internet archives, according to a Tuesday scoop from Axios…

Despite insiders at CNN reportedly believing the launch went well, executives at Warner Bros. Discovery apparently disagree — and have responded by laying off CNN’s chief financial officer and terminating “all external marketing” for the streaming service while they determine the best course of action for its future.

According to the Axios report, there are several factors influencing the possible outcomes. First, despite projecting two million subscribers in the first year and profitability after four, CNN+ has only signed on about 150,000 so far — even with a discounted monthly price offering for those who sign up in the first five weeks. The streaming service’s average daily viewership, according to CNBC, is fewer than 10,000. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, that’s bad. Even with discounted prices, CNN+ could only lure 150,000 subscribers. Makes sense. I wouldn’t watch CNN+ if it was free. Hell, I wouldn’t watch it even if they paid me! Average daily viewership is less than 10,000—which, for the Internet (and a major company like CNN) is pathetic.

TikTok videos get thousands more views than that—and TikTok is like brain cancer.

Now, it seems like parent company Warner Bros. Discovery is looking for a way out. They have axed all marketing because it was a waste. Chances are, the entire service won’t be far behind. If they aren’t even trying to recruit new customers, the service is going to die. This means they don’t plan on keeping it around for long.

Anyone with a brain could have told CNN this. The news network has become a laughing stock, even among America’s miserable media landscape. People would rather read articles by yours truly, than be lied to by weirdos like Brian Stelter. For them to try to win back viewers with a half-hearted streaming app?

They really must be out of touch.

Author: Moe Blow