CNN Experiences The Most Humiliating Moment Of Its Existence

According to a story in Axios, the failure of CNN+—the premium news subscription service hosted by former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace—has been revealed.

According to five separate sources, Warner Bros-Discovery has halted external marketing spending for the service, according to a recent report. They also allegedly dismissed CNN’s long-time CFO in light of the problem.

According to the report, many executives at CNN felt the premium service’s debut was a success, but Warner Bros. leaders disagreed.

While some say that the service has 150,000 subscribers, another report stated that it only had 10,000 daily watchers, far short of expectations.

According to the New York Times, executives at the company had predicted that it would get 2 million subscribers in its first year and 15 to 18 million people over four years. The service officially debuted on March 29 and charges $5.99 a month or $59.99 per year for access to its news material.

Discovery executives were reportedly frustrated that CNN+ debuted before it could be integrated with the parent firm’s objectives.

In May, CNN+ was said to be on the verge of staff layoffs, according to a separate report.

In December, radio host Howard Stern was one of many who ridiculed the fact that Wallace had departed Fox to work for CNN+.

“Who’s going to pay for CNN+?” he said. “Are they out of their minds? I’m serious, you’re gonna need a lot of money just to push that thing.” Stern exclaimed. “Good luck being seen that thing.”

According to the New York Post, Wallace was becoming irritated with the subscription channel’s failure owing to Zucker’s resignation following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate.

This goes to show that people are tired of the far-left propaganda. But it also reveals that CNN executives are out of touch and do not grasp how much their propaganda is hated among Americans. This should stand as a lesson to liberals that their way of thinking is not popular, but sadly we know they will instead choose to believe there is some conspiracy behind the failure of CNN+.

Author: Blake Ambrose