CIA Officer Calls Biden’s Press Conference “The Most Devastating Ever”

Kabul’s streets are filled with panicked civilians leaving the Taliban attack against the Afghan capital city, United States helicopters are hovering over the Embassy with an evacuation happening, and the national government propped up by American money and power is now negotiating a surrender with barely a fight being waged.

One former CIA officer has looked at Biden’s July 8th Afghan policy speech: “This might be the most devastating media conference ever put on by an American President,” said the CIA veteran Bryan Dean Wright this Sunday.

“When I announced America’s drawdown this April, I said we would be out of the country by September, and we are on track to hit that target,” Biden had said. “Our military operation in Afghanistan will end on August 31st.”

Clearly the Taliban are on the verge of reaching victory in the capitol city far ahead of that time, and certainly much far ahead of the Sept. 11 ‘mission accomplished’ day. Which reveal’s team Biden’s complete intelligence failure.

Maybe this complete failure to understand or predict anything near to the true reality on the ground in the conflict is a total failure also shared by US intel., given that it was only in the month of June that a report forecasted that Kabul would fall within six months.

But just last week that assessment was greatly revised to say within “30 to 90 days”. And just the past 48 hours has obviously proven even this timeline off the mark too.

US intel. is now reporting only 72 hours – but it’s looking more like the Taliban will takeover the capital in under 24 hours, which might not even be enough time for all diplomatic personnel to escape.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s United States backed leaders appear to be using their exit plans to get out, with appeals being made to the approaching Taliban to spare their families and themselves…

Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai asked the Taliban to give safety for the country’s civilians and leaders in a video message put out this weekend made while standing with his daughters.

Author: Blake Ambrose