Chuck Schumer Taunts Conservatives Over DNC’s New Power


DNC Leader Chuck Schumer has labeled himself the Senate’s “majority leader” on Wednesday. Seemingly gloating over the Democrats regaining control of the Senate even as we continue to wait for one of Georgia’s races to be called.

“It seems like a fresh new day. Democrats now have a majority in the Senate — and that will be very great for America,” the NY Senator said.

“We are thankful to citizens in Georgia and across the nation who gave their time, donated money, and worked very hard to gain new leadership in D.C.”

The declaration was released too early because the Georgia runoff race between Republican David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff has not been officially called.

Warnock seems to have defeated GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler this past Tuesday, and Ossoff leads in his race against Perdue.

If both Democratic candidates win, there would be a 50-50 tie in the Senate and VP Kamala Harris would be the tie-breaking vote after inauguration.

Schumer also hinted to passing a third relief package and said “help is coming soon.”

“America is going through one of the greatest problems we have ever seen, and the Senate DNC Majority will deliver the aggressive change needed to help Americans,” he said.

He also swore to work very closely with the incoming Biden administration.

“As majority leader, Biden and Harris will have a colleague who is able to help them achieve a progressive agenda and give bold changes to the American people,” he said.

According to the NY Times, Ossof is winning over Purdue with 50.19 percent of the votes to Purdue’s 49.81 percent as of Wednesday morning. But they also estimated that around 73,000 votes were left to be counted.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined Schumer by releasing her own statement on the apparent change in power.

“Thanks to the amazing leadership of Georgians, we will have a Democratic Senate coordinating with our Democratic House and a Democratic White House.

“We will push a science-based plan to destroy COVID and give aid to struggling families, protect the right to quality health care and start a plan to Build Back Better founded by fair economic growth.”

Biden’s statement declared Georgia voters “demand action on the current crises and they demand it right now.”