Chuck Schumer Desperately Tries To Act Tough — It Doesn’t Go Well

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, is furious with Senator Joe Manchin, Manchin told “Fox News” that he wouldn’t be supporting the Build Back Better Act because of concerns with the costs of the programs in an inflationary environment. “What we should do is get our financial house in order, and be able to pay for what we do,” he said. Manchin also said he wasn’t able to justify a favorable vote of the “mammoth” piece of legislation to his constituents, even though he was in favor of some elements of it.

Schumer stated that he would hold a vote on the legislation after returning from the holiday to make senators go on record and to shame Manchin. Schumer wrote a letter to his colleagues stating “Senators need to be aware that the Senate will consider the BBB Act extremely early in the new year so that all the members of this body have the chance to make their position known on the floor of the Senate, not just on TV.” He added, “We’re going to vote on a House-passed BBB Act version that has been revised — and we will continue to vote on it until something gets done.”

However, it is unfortunate for Schumer, because polls show that voters are not even close to being as upset as the Democrats are that the reconciliation bill is stalled. Rasmussen Reports stated that 77 precent of potential voters were watching the news closely concerning the BBB Act. Just 38 precent show support for the legislation, while 45 precent are against it. Support declined to 62 precent among Democrats and a mere 34 precent of independents agree with the spending bill being passed.

As the debate continues on, less voters seem like they will support President Biden’s signature legislation. It also seems to be bringing down Biden’s approval rating. Based on Rasmussen, as of December 20th, 41 precent of potential voters approve of Biden’s performance while 57 precent disapprove. Which gives Biden a Presidential Approval Index of -27.

Manchin said some Democrats have indicated their support privately in his position on the bill. If they fail to do so publicly it may cost the Dems the Senate majority as of November. Previously, Schumer has allowed Manchin and other Democrats a free pass to vote against their colleagues when it could damage their electoral future. Schumer’s stated that he plans to pass some version of the bill which indicates that he expects the Dems to vote on some version of the BBB in a bloc so that Kamala Harris can break the tie.

Author: Steven Sinclaire