Chinese Whistleblower Exposes What’s Really Going On In Biden’s America

A Chinese dissident currently living in the West recently alerted American citizens that in many ways they’re already residing in an “authoritarian state” similar to Mao Zedong’s terrible Cultural Revolution in China during the 60s and 70s, however, they “just don’t know it.”

Ai Weiwei, who is an artist and regular critic of China’s position on human rights and democracy, spoke to PBS journalist Margaret Hoover in a recent discussion on the “Firing Line,” during which he talked about his new book titled, “1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows,” and knocked the popularity of “political correctness” in the United States.

In the interview, Hoover mentioned a section from Weiwei’s book in which he drew similarities between former U.S. President Trump’s tweets and Mao Zedong’s nightly directives.

“In your book, you were explaining the directives of Mao Zedong in the Cultural Revolution that would be dispersed publicly each night. And then you wrote ‘They served a role similar to Pres.Trump’s midnight tweets in the White House. They were the direct thoughts of a leader’s to his dedicated followers, elevating the sanctity of his authority,'” Hoover stated.

Weiwei went on to assert that there are, in fact, similarities of an authoritarian state in the United States.

“But certainly, in America, with today’s conditions, you can easily have an authoritarian. In a lot of ways, you are already living inside an authoritarian state. You just do not know it,” he claimed.

When pressed, he included that “many things that are happening today in America can be compared to the Cultural Revolution that China went through,” specifically citing “individuals trying to be unified in a particular political correctness.”

“That is very dangerous,” he said.

“It is very philosophical,” he continued. “With the technology we have today, we know a lot more than we really understand. The info has become jammed. But we do not truly have the knowledge. … You just believe you are purified by some ideas that you agree with it.”

This type of political correctness or societal groupthink “is posing a danger to culture, to an exceptionally divided society,” Weiwei warned.

Author: Steven Sinclaire