China Takes Advantage Of Biden’s Weakness, Issues WW3 Bait

The CCP has applauded the summit between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden this week, leaving open the potential of a similar meeting with its leader, Xi Jinping.

Chinese-controlled media slammed Biden, however, for not having proper “respect” to Russia and trying to brush aside the Russia-America relationship to try to antagonize China, but failing due to Russia being “too large and powerful.”

Zhao Lijian, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, applauded Biden and Putin, affirming their choice to extend the START Treaty for an additional five years. The treaty limits nuclear development. Russia had asked for a year-long extension but Biden gave Putin a five-year extension in January. His predecessor, Trump, had refused to do so without including China in the agreement.

Zhao praised the joint statement that the two leaders published after their meeting in Geneva, which affirmed, “a nuclear war can never be won and must never be attempted.”

“China always supports global efforts in nuclear weapons control, and will keep having discussions on a broad range of issues with relevant groups., Zhao promised. “We are also ready to have bilateral discussions with mutual respect and on with equal footing.”

The Global Times, a Chinese government ran propaganda outlet, applauded the two leaders, calling the meeting “an achievement” that the meeting occurred at all. It then tried to make the case that Vladimir Putin, with “nowhere to go., succeeded in at least stopping Biden from branding Russia as irrelevant.

“Biden is more ‘anti-Russia.’ But he has greater motivation to lower the tensions with Russia — he instead wants to focus on China., the outlet said. “But Russia is too large and powerful, the Russia-America relationship is not a simple one in which D.C. can make any adjustment at any time.”

The Global Times also labeled the U.S. as guilty of lacking respect for Russia since the Soviet Union fell, making it impossible for any great results to come from the Putin-Biden meeting.

Elsewhere, after Biden and Putin’s separate press conferences, the news outlet gave Putin the win over Biden’s strange remarks to reporters.

“Putin gave a lot more details than Biden. This proves Putin is better at managing the media than Biden., the Times said, “Putin is a Russian leader with history dealing with five US presidents, and he understands what the U.S. is.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire