China Attacks America — But Not In The Way You’d Expect

The World Health Organization has given China the ability to effectively ban American scientists from the investigation into the origins of coronavirus. The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, the WHO has let Chinese officials determine which scientists can join the international probe into the virus’s origins.

The WHO claimed zero scientists recommended by HHS were approved as of now. Meanwhile, Australia has been doing its own investigation.

“This group is comprised of 50 percent Chinese Government selected people,” Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky stated. “And since some of the members of the group are supportive of the Chinese government, I think China is reassured they will have most of the panel on their side, which means they will only use data and information that was agreed to by the Chinese themselves. That’s not being independent.”

China has also accused Australian and American scientists of “misinformation” every time they have questioned the Chinese government’s narrative about coronavirus.