Chief Justice Roberts Won’t Preside Over Sham Impeachment Trial

There are many reasons why Americans consider this second impeachment of Donald Trump completely bogus and unconstitutional. For one, the House rushed an impeachment vote without a single investigation.

How can you accuse someone of a crime, without due process or presenting evidence? I mean, I know Democrats consider someone guilty before being proven innocent, but this is getting ridiculous.

The other big problem, the one everyone is talking about, is that Donald Trump is no longer in office. Many legal experts have expressed doubt that it is even permissible under the Constitution to convict a former president.
Now, add another reason to consider this whole thing a sham: The Chief Justice will not preside over the trial, but a Democrat will.

Unlike the first Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, over which Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts presided, the second Senate impeachment trial, which is scheduled to commence on February 8, will not see Roberts presiding — Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, who is the Senate President Pro Tempore, will preside.

On Monday, Leahy, who voted to impeach Trump in the first impeachment trial, said he would administer “impartial justice,” according to The Hill. [Source: Daily Wire]

Oh, this sounds fair! After John Roberts revealed he would not be presiding over this sham trial, a Democrat senator decided to step in. A man who voted against Trump in the first impeachment is supposed to be an unbiased judge over this one?

In recent years we’ve seen the Democrats tear the Constitution to shreds. But this is really getting ridiculous.

Nobody in the United States believes this impeachment is either necessary or legitimate. Even Democratic voters are forced to admit this is going too far. After “winning” back the White House and extra seats in the Senate, Democrats still aren’t happy. They want to totally destroy Trump’s legacy, not do anything measurable to help Americans.

Democrats continue to forget that 75,000,000 Americans voted for Trump. They caw on and on about “unity,” but do things that prove that don’t care one bit about most of America. Their idea of unity is pushing their agenda, until nobody can stand against them.

The Constitution clearly states that when the Senate holds an impeachment trial for the president, the chief justice will preside. Senator John Cornyn called it a “railroad job” and that “a lot of people” are mad right now.

He would not be wrong. At the start of this new administration, Democrats are showing their hand as corrupt, greedy, unstable, and disrespectful of our Constitution.

Do they think we’ll just roll over and accept it?