Chaos Erupts As Trump Calls It Quits

It is a very sad day for conservatives. Donald Trump’s blog was taken down recently. It was shut down and it’s not returning.

It was the only website from which President Trump could speak with his supporters after liberal Big Tech companies removed him from their websites over the January 6 protest.

Trump’s blog only lasted a month due to being sidelined and blocked by mainstream media websites and platforms. The Trump team did attempt to get their social media accounts back to promote the blog, only to once again be suspended by Twitter and others.

The reasoning behind Trump’s closure shutting down is not completely clear, but a senior aide to Trump, Jason Miller, justified the shutting down of the blog this week by saying the blog was “auxiliary to the larger efforts we are working on.”

Miller did not give more details on those large efforts, but did say the blog “will not be coming back.”

It’s a terrible thing that Trump was removed from social media. Especially while in office. The leader of the free world being banned by Twitter and Facebook is a dangerous trend. Let’s hope Trump has something bigger and better in mind leading up to 2024.

Author: Blake Ambrose