Chaos Ensues As Biden’s Buddies Conveniently ‘Forget’ To Pay Their Bills

When Biden first hastily withdrew our troops from Afghanistan, he said it was highly unlikely terror network the Taliban would take over. In a matter of weeks, the rogue group was marching into Kabul, declaring victory. Even then, Biden seemed totally unconcerned. He was not willing to lift a finger to liberate the country, as an evil regime kicked out the democratically-elected leaders.

Biden even bowed to the Taliban’s demands to finish the evacuation process by August 31st. Biden met that demand days earlier, ensuring thousands of people were left stranded. Again and again, the Taliban’s spokesmen promised a new era for their group and the nation of Afghanistan. They seemed to be insisting that they could run the country better on their own, without assistance from the U.S. and others.

Now, barely two months have passed since the terror group took over and the country is being completely mismanaged. Things are in such disarray and confusion that the entire country is about to lose electricity.

Afghanistan’s state-owned power company, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), has not paid electricity bills issued by its top suppliers in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan since the Taliban seized control of Kabul and DABS on August 15.

ABS liabilities have grown to more than $90 million since August 15 and continue rising…

“With government ministries not paying salaries for months and the banking system paralyzed, many Afghans don’t have the means to pay their power bills. Last year, customers in Kabul accounted for about half of DABS’s $387 million in total revenue…

“Ahmadzai estimated that DABS would require a $90 million infusion to “stave off a collapse.” [Source: Breitbart]

Afghanistan’s power comes entirely from neighboring nations. They don’t have their own power grid. Ever since the Taliban took over, the country’s economy has collapsed. Meanwhile, the Taliban is not even paying its own employees and the banking system is essentially frozen. Should we be surprised that nobody is paying their power bills?

The Taliban is begging their foreign power suppliers to help them out, but the debt is only getting bigger. Eventually, they will have no choice but to cut their power, leaving millions in the dark.

The U.N. is scrambling to provide $1.2 billion to bail out this failed country. But that money will only go to provide emergency needs like food, shelter, and medical care. There is no talk of using some of that money to pay off their utility debts.

None of this would have happened, of course, had Biden so quickly bowed to the Taliban. Our top generals said we needed to keep 2,500 soldiers in the country. Had we maintained stability, these fools would not have so easily taken over Afghanistan. And millions of people would not be fearing disaster.

We still need to ask why Biden made such a drastic miscalculation—and how we should hold him accountable for his mounting failures?

Author: Joe Johnson