CDC Quietly Lowers COVID Death Count–Still Refuses to Distinguish Between Causes

Over the last two years, the media has found a steady source of hysteria in the CDC. The government agency tasked with protecting us from disease and unnecessary death has done a bang-up job with this COVID thing. The panic-loving media have rushed to exaggerate and over-report every statistic from this agency. Not once has the CDC offered any rational or constructive input over a pandemic that nearly crippled the world.

In fact, the CDC has been a willing ally in spreading fear and—to a certain extent—misinformation. How many times did the CDC advise “measures” that did nothing to curtail the virus? In reality, nothing they suggested did anything to help. The only reason we are back to normal (to an extent) is because Republican governors rejected the CDC’s guidance and reopened their states.

Otherwise, we might still be in lockdown.

Now, the CDC is revising a very important figure, the death toll. They are reducing the number of actual deaths. But still, they refuse to give us an even more important figure.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently lowered the total COVID-19 death count by more than 72,000.

According to the agency, the government’s algorithm over-counted COVID-related deaths by 72,277 across 26 states, specifically including 24% of pediatric deaths (416).

On March 15, the data on the CDC’s website was altered due to what, in a footnote, was explained as a “coding logic error.” […]

To this day, the CDC’s COVID death count does not establish a clear difference between individuals who died as a result of COVID-19, and those who died with COVID-19. A more specific differentiating standard between the two distinct types of death could lead to a further downward revision of the country’s COVID death count. [Source: Just the News]

Because of a “coding logic error,” the total number of COVID deaths dropped by 72,277. That’s a pretty large number, no matter how you slice it. The CDC refuses to properly explain why the number was higher than it should be. We should remind you that media outlets still post COVID infections and deaths in real-time, in the hopes of stoking new fears among viewers. By posting inaccurate numbers, CDC is partly responsible for spreading misinformation about the virus.

I wonder if they should get kicked off of Twitter or YouTube?

What’s really galling is how, to this day, the CDC refuses to differentiate between those who died from COVID and those who died with COVID. Because, that’s a huge difference. Most experts state that those who died with COVID, died from a pre-existing condition. But the left has exploited these numbers to make it seem like COVID is a death sentence, justifying radical policies that violated our constitutional rights.

If they only posted the numbers of those who died from COVID, they would be much lower. I wonder… has the CDC refused to do this deliberately, so they could keep fear and hysteria high?

Author: Moe Blow