CDC Has New List Of Demands — It’s Not Going Over Well

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is asking Americans to not go out and avoid traveling during the upcoming Labor Day weekend if they are not vaccinated.

This Sunday, the CDC claimed a seven-day moving average of around 129,400 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States and noted that over 93% of counties across the nation are seeing widespread city transmission, according to reports from Fox News.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated during her White House briefing that Americans who are not vaccinated should not travel during the Labor Day holiday and put themselves — along with others — at risk, CNN said.

As for even completely vaccinated Americans, Walensky said to think about the risks of traveling during the busy weekend holiday and consider the options.

“First and most importantly, if you are unvaccinated, we recommend not going anywhere,” Walensky said during her White House briefing, adding that while completely vaccinated Americans can travel with some “precautions,” they still must consider the possibility that they might become infected with coronavirus amid the continuing Delta variant.

She continued, “Given where we are with the virus transmission right now, we would recommend that people take their own these risk into their own hands and consider the possibilities as they think about celebrating the holiday. If you are not vaccinated, we would recommend you don’t travel.”

Elsewhere in her comments, Walensky said those people who choose to travel for Labor Day weekend ought to spend some time outside and use a mask while indoors.

“Throughout this pandemic, we have witnessed that most transmission happens among unvaccinated people with a closed indoor setting,” Walensky stated. “Masks won’t last forever, but they are a good thing now.”

CNN reported that of the Americans who are eligible for vaccinations — the eligible share of Americans ages 12 years and older — around 38.6% are not yet completely vaccinated.

Democrats continue to divide Americans into two classes of people. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

This comes at a time when mask requirements in schools are triggering many political battles throughout states as people argue over if such masks are needed or not.

Author: Steven Sinclaire