CDC Finally Concedes The Truth About The Vaccines

The CDC is considering altering the timeline for the second Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccine dose. The consideration comes after a rushed timeline triggered heart inflammation in some patients.

“Dr. Sara Oliver, from the CDC, said the agency was thinking of making the new recommendation for Moderna and Pfizer shots during a discussion of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a group of outside advisers to the CDC,” as reported by Reuters.

Currently, the CDC asks that people get their second dose of the Pfizer and  Moderna vaccines three and four weeks after their first dose. The government group may now ask that a second dose is eight weeks after the first dose.

In Oct. a number of European nations limited Moderna’s use because of an alarming amount of myocarditis cases.

“The Swedish health agency announced on October 6, 2021 it would stop using the shot for individuals born in 1991 and after as data showed an increase of pericarditis and myocarditis among young and young adults who were vaccinated. Those conditions are involved with an inflammation of the heart.”

Meanwhile a new Oxford University study reveals the risk of myocarditis for younger people is greater from the vaccine than it is from a natural infection.

“In people under 40-year-old…dose number two of Moderna has gone past the risk of myocarditis after infection with a second dose,” Dr. Prasad stated about the study. “There have been a lot of people who have been hesitant to take these risks seriously of myocarditis after the Moderna vaccine.”

“If you are now under 40 and if you put men and women into the same group, there is more myocarditis linked with the second dose of Moderna than with an infection. That is a huge finding,” he said.

This comes at a time when Americans are already sick of the vaccine propaganda and want to get back to normal. Democrats however are continuing their push to force more vaccines onto the public with more mandates and fear propaganda. Their narrative of a safe and effective vaccine has been destroyed by this news, which is why the mainstream media will never cover it.

Author: Scott Dowdy