Capitol Hearings Start With Adam Schiff Doing Something Truly Nauseating

Today was the first day of the media and Democrat-touted Capitol hearings which are happening under the guise of pushing “the truth” of what occurred when the Capitol building was broken into on January 6th.

Not at all shocking was House Select Committee member Adam Schiff, who never saw an anti-Republican or Trump conspiracy he did not like, took the time to bask in the public spotlight, putting on a big show of being a so-called champion of the law and peaceful transfers of power from one administration to another – all while also inadvertently reminding Americans what raging a hypocrite he is along with other Democrats and some Republicans.

At one point during the hearing, Schiff questioned a Capitol officer who responded to the protests. After Officer Harry Dunn talked, Schiff then went into a small speech about how this nation will come apart if people keep “deeming elections as illegitimate merely due to them not getting their way rather than attempting to do better next time.”

“I would like to believe as Amanda Gorman said that we are not broken, we are just unfinished. Because if we are no longer committed to such a peaceful transfer of power after America’s elections, if our side does not win then God help America,” Schiff said.

“If we say that elections are illegitimate just because they did not go our way, rather than attempting to do better next time, then God help us all,” he continued.

He appeared to be very emotional towards the tail end of the video. Watch:

Transfers of power should be peaceful. I believe very few people would disagree on this point. But as to Schiff’s point about elections being seen as illegitimate because we don’t accept the outcome, well, he has some nerve saying that with a straight face considering he knowingly pushed the lie about Russia collusion for almost the whole four years of Trump’s White House in efforts to prove to the American people that Trump was not legitimate.

This, combined with many other scams pushed by Schiff, makes his crocodile tears more disgusting than anyone else’s on this sham hearing.

Author: Scott Dowdy