Canada Blasts Joe Biden After He Goes to Venezuela for Gas

At this point, we really have no idea what Joe Biden is thinking. If he’s thinking anything. His toxic “green” policies crippled American energy production. Thanks to Joe, electricity and gas prices are going through the roof. He’s promised to fix the problem, but he refuses to reverse the very orders that got us in this predicament. Instead, he’s gone to other countries and asked them to produce more oil.

Um… last time I checked, China and Saudi Arabia are also on planet earth. Why are they allowed to produce more oil, but the United States has to be saddled with ridiculous environmental restrictions? I guess Biden knows climate activists don’t get a warm welcome in dictatorships. But Biden’s not done there. Rumors swirled that he’s actually gone to Venezuela—a failed dictator state—to beg for more oil.

Now, one of our closest allies is outraged.

With gas prices soaring, President Joe Biden and members of his administration have reportedly sought to woo despotic nations like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia in a desperate search for oil…

But one Canadian energy official last week expressed frustration with the Biden administration for not just turning to its neighbor to the north, which is among the world’s top oil producers…

“I thought ‘What?’ ‘We’re right next door. We’re here!’” Savage said, according to a report by The Blaze.

“It’s extremely frustrating when we see the United States administration reaching out to Saudi Arabia to ask for more oil production, to ask OPEC for more oil production, to look at Iran, to look at Venezuela when we’re right next door here in Alberta,” Savage said. “They should be looking at us as the solution to energy security, not around, not Venezuela.” [Source: Daily Wire]

For some unknown reason, Biden is asking the tyrants who rule Venezuela for oil. He might lift bans on buying energy from the corrupt country. Meanwhile, he refuses to work with Canada to increase production, one of the largest energy producers in the world.

Remember, Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline, a project President Trump approved. That pipeline would have safely brought oil from Canada to the United States. Yet Biden shut it down for no reason at all. And now, he isn’t going to Canada for more oil, but countries that hate us.

This is just more of his backwards, America-Last agenda. If he goes to Canada, he would receive a warm welcome and a great deal. That would quickly result in lower gas and energy prices for Americans. We can’t have that! So, he goes to places that have no interest in helping the U.S. Instead, they will go out of their way to gouge us at the pump.

Does Biden have any brains at all? Is there anyone in that administration that actually wants to help Americans? Or are they all so corrupt they can’t even see how badly they are doing?

Author: Moe Blow