Calls for Biden’s Resignation Pour In From Everywhere – But Will He Answer?

Anyone that’s been paying attention over this year knows that Biden is a failure. From the moment he entered office, he’s made one terrible decision after another. The country is reeling thanks to the many crises he’s created. But now, after the events in Afghanistan, more people are waking up to that reality.

Biden’s arrogant, lack of ability, and utter stupidity has led to the fall of a democratic government. He hastily withdrew our troops, at the very worst time of the year, leaving behind civilians and military equipment. Biden’s failure not only helped the Taliban take over, but he gave them guns and vehicles to make it easier!

But the worst happened just yesterday, when ISIS-connected terrorists attacked the Kabul airport. At least 13 American servicemen were killed, with many more civilians killed or injured. This horrible event would not have happened, without Biden’s help.

In the past, Republicans demanded Biden resign over the border crisis or economy. But now, after Kabul, those calls are getting stronger.

Capitol Hill Republicans on Thursday intensified their calls for President Biden’s resignation following explosions outside a Kabul, Afghanistan airport…

“4 US Marines killed in this morning’s attacks in #Afghanistan and another 3 wounded,” Georgia Rep. Jody Hice tweeted. “President Biden is responsible for every single drop of blood spilled in his botched withdrawal. #BidenMustResignNow.”…

Florida Rep. Greg Steube said the situation in Afghanistan is “horrific” and Biden “needs to take responsibility and resign.”…

Texas GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson reiterated his previous call for Biden to resign…

GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik of New York said on Thursday that “Biden has blood on his hands” and “the buck stops” with him as commander-in-chief. [Source: Just the News]

And that’s just for starters. For a long time, Donald Trump was alone in his calls for Biden to resign. The only person who would join him was former White House physician Ronny Jackson. But because of the horrible attack in Kabul, Republicans are taking a stand against this corrupt administration.

For the moment, Republicans do not have the votes to remove Biden from office. But all that can change after the midterms. For now, they are putting pressure on the administration with these calls to resign.

You might not think Biden would listen to these Republicans, but think again. With the chaos going on in Afghanistan—and reports that some Americans will be left behind—there’s no doubt that Republicans will impeach if they win back Congress. That would put the administration in total disarray. They would surely lose the presidency, come 2024.

But if Biden were to step down now, it would give time for Democrats to lessen the damage. They will stay face serious consequences in 2022 and 2024, but at least this would give Biden a chance to resign in dignity.

It’s a long shot, sure. But how much longer can Biden actually do this job? (He’s not even doing it now!) The Afghanistan disaster is proof he does not have the mental strength or skills to be president. Can we afford more disasters in the coming years?

The best thing the GOP can do is continue to hammer Biden, until he finally sees the light.

Author: Max Smith