California Governor In Hot Water As Recall Effort Grows

Americans are furious with their governors. In 2020, most Democratic state leaders have forced unscientific, insane, and unconstitutional lockdowns. Even as the COVID vaccine comes out nationwide, these governors continue to push their authority.

That is most certainly true of Governor Gavin Newsom. The Democrat has continued to push lockdown measures that do nothing to help stop Coronavirus and hurts hard-working citizens and families. His routine is to decrease the restrictions, only to put harsher ones in place later. For example, California, like many Democrat-run states is going so far as canceling Christmas.

But all his terrible choices may destroy him in the end. Because the effort to remove him through recall is gaining steam.

The issue needs 1.5 million signatures to recall and remove the governor. That is a number they are about halfway to getting. And if you think that’s impossible, remember that Gov. Gray Davis was recalled in 2003—as residents were enraged over high energy bills.

Newsom is a worse governor. With his shutting schools down and forcing Americans to stay in their homes. Then waging a war against Californian Christians.

His approval has dropped to a pathetic 59% and some people believe it will continue to tank. This is the same leader who, despite proof of lockdowns being damaging, enforced even worse lockdowns last month. But then, he was spotted at a birthday party, completely ignoring his own insane rules.

It wouldn’t be surprising if over a million people signed to fire him. Every parent sign it. Every Christian denied their First Amendment rights will sign it. And every struggling working person trying to pay bills will sign it.

But the real question is, will this be enough to force governors to end lockdowns now? This pandemic will end, not from a vaccine, but after Americans stop being afraid. When they stop obeying these unconstitutional restrictions and demand their liberties back. We might see that happen in California soon.