Border Patrol Agents Humiliated By Biden With ‘Far-Left Classes’

According to many reports, the Dept. of Customs and Border Protection is now forcing Border Patrol officials and other staff members to sit through “unconscious bias” training.

A new report from the news outlet, the Washington Free Beacon, said that agents are being forced lectured on “the impact of unconscious biases and stereotype” in one seminar which was led by Susan Fleming. Fleming is said to be an “expert in gender bias”.

In addition, the report said that the seminar “brought in academic research and unique perspectives to speak about the complex biases and beliefs that influence our discussions with colleagues, as well as talking about strategies for people and groups to start getting over unconscious biases.”

An anonymous Dept. of Homeland Security official said to the Washington Free Beacon “CBP does not have the people to correctly patrol our country’s borders but we can step away from work to have a discussion on ‘unconscious bias.’”

Steve Watson from Summit News, said that this incident comes during a time when “the work of border patrol agents came into focus when the news media and the Biden White House hyped up the hysteria about photos showing Haitian migrants seemingly getting whipped by agents using horse reigns.”

The implementation of this sort of woke enforced anti-white training is coming during the worst possible time. As one example, in October, the former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott warned about the unprecedented amount of illegals coming across the border, with more than 90% staying in the nation illegally.

In addition, Scott stressed that Joe Biden White House is still paying for contractors to construct the border wall up to $5 million each day, although all construction has been now put on hold.

Concerning the surge of illegals, Scott said the Biden White House is intentionally “choosing to not take some common-sense steps to guard the border.”

“I personally worked within the transition meetings; my staff worked in the transition meetings; we made it very certain that if we dropped the initiatives that were in place over the past several years that we would get a new influx of mass migration and would not keep control,” he said.

Author: Blake Ambrose