Border Agents Make a Horrifying Discovery That Biden Wants Censored

As the United States is flooded by a huge army of illegals along our southern border, authorities want to continue to capture certain people, including gang members and those with previous convictions for terrible sex crimes.

McAllen Border Station agents caught a Honduran man this week who had unlawfully come into the country, according to a U.S. Border Protection news article which said that the agents learned during processing him that he had connection to the notorious MS-13 gang.

“Hours after, MCS agents caught a person from Guatemala, who was then determined to be a member of the MS-13 gang after a criminal record check search,” CBP said. “Record checks also showed a previous arrest in Miami, Florida for lying statements while applying for a passport. He was then convicted and sent to eight months in prison.”

Authorities arrested two people this week who had illegally come into the country, and CBP said that, “During their processing, record checks later revealed that Cristian Flamenco, a Salvador citizen who was previously caught by the LA County Sheriff’s Office in LA, California, for oral copulation with a person under 14 years old.” CBP said that the man had been sentenced and convicted for this crime.

The numbers for Southwest border crossers have been increasing every month so far this year, going from 71,948 in Oct. of last year all the way up to a whopping 188,829 this June.

A recent court document noted that according to preliminary information, CBP likely found around 210,000 illegals in the month of July.

Even after July’s data is given out, there will still be another two more months until the close of this fiscal year, so this number could go even higher as the numbers for Aug. and Sept. are included.

This comes at a time when Biden is struggling to deal with the narrative of the southern border being open. But even worst, Republicans have asked why Joe Biden left America’s borders open when the Delta variant was in India and other nations. He chose to keep our borders opened, and that has led us to the current Delta variant disaster.

Author: Scott Dowdy