Bombshell: Biden Goes Missing

President Biden has yet to put on his first State of the Union address, disregarding the conventional timing for such an address.

Presidents usually give their speech in February. President Trump gave the latest first SOTU address given by a President since 1977 with him speaking on the 28th of February.

President Biden’s calendar does not advertise any SOTU speech. It’s possible that a speech, if one happens at all, might happen in March, but it is not evidence if President Biden does plan on giving one.

This snub of the traditional speech comes as questions are being asked about Biden’s mental abilities. With Biden usually seeming sharp within an extremely narrow schedule of speaking appearances during his campaign, some of his most recent speeches featured Biden stumbling and appearing to struggle with his delivery.

A first SOTU address could give Biden an opportunity to argue for the $2000 payment to every citizen, and outline an agenda for his time in office which he has been reluctant to discuss. 

Some have said that Biden is using medication to speak as well as he can. This is not uncommon for Americans of his age, but it is certainly ok to question his cognitive abilities now, considering his history of confusion and gaffes.