BLM Resorts To Communist China Tactics

A video has resurfaced of the founder of BLM enthusiastically promoting a book she compared to Mao Zedong’s red book.

The video shows a 2010 speech where Patrisse Cullors showed off a pamphlet called “The 7 Components of Transformative Organizing Theory.” She tells the story of a student comparing the book to Mao’s red book which she happily agreed.

Mao was of course behind the start of China’s so-called “Great Leap Forward” during the late 50s. Which gave the country genocide and famine with around 4 million people dying. His red book was the propaganda piece meant to reassert Mao’s spot in China after communist policies were a disaster.

The book Cullors was pushing was written by extreme far-leftist Eric Mann who has showed deep communist sympathies. For example, he wrote about his admiration for the Russian Revolution in an article, saying that “an appreciation of the accomplishments of the Russian Revolution is an important part of our revolutionary future.”

Cullors has a history of aligning herself to Marxist and communist beliefs, saying in June of last year that she and BLM’s other co-founder are “trained Marxists.”

Author: Blake Ambrose