BLM Panics As Americans Drop Support

Do Americans really care about their black neighbors? If you were to ask a reasonable, decent person, they’d say, “Of course.” But not leftists. Democrats are determined to paint America as a “systemically racist” country that is dead set on not only oppressing black Americans, but exterminating them.

That’s the mantra from radical activist group Black Lives Matter. In fact, this neo-Marxist organization is so rooted in that ideology, they had no problem urging followers to burn down cities over last summer.

Black Lives Matter claims to be a civil rights group. But more often than not, their actions seem to tear the country apart than bring it together. What do they normally do, after a national tragedy involving a black person? A peaceful march, like Martin Luther King? A petition to our state or national leaders? A prayer meeting?

Nope! They riot and loot the hell out of our country. So, we should not be surprised to learn that most Americans are quickly losing interest in this group.

Support for Black Lives Matter (BLM), the movement that alleges “systemic racism” in policing in the United States (and in general), soared after the death of George Floyd but has fallen back to levels last seen in 2019, the New York Times reports.

According to an essay by academics Jennifer Chudy and Hakeem Jefferson, net popular support for BLM was +5% in mid-2018, soared past +20% in mid-2020, but then quickly fell again, and is now just above +5%, where it was in mid-2019.

Chudy — whose specialties are “white racial guilt, sympathy and prejudice” — and Jefferson write that America’s so-called “racial reckoning” was short-lived. [Source: Breitbart]

It was “short-lived” because instead of working to improve the lives of black Americans, BLM made them much worse. They spread divisive, hate-based propaganda against their fellow Americans and teach that only violence can solve our problems.

Americans had some sympathy for the group after the much-publicized death of George Floyd. But that was because we all were outraged that he died while in police custody. Most Americans were not on board with how BLM reacted to that event: pillaging our cities like invading Vandals. The damage they caused not only lead to more black deaths, but amounted to billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the Senate—led by black lawmaker Tim Scott—drafted legislation that would have actually helped the situation. It had a good shot of being passed, thanks to the fact that Donald Trump was in the White House.

What did BLM-loving Democrats do? Use the filibuster to kill the bill.

So, does the left really care about black lives? Or do they use tragedies to manipulate black voters during an election year, then leave them in the dust when it matters?

I can’t say for certain. But I’m not at all surprised Americans are done with this radical, violence-loving hate group.

Author: Drew Graham