Big Tech Scrubs The Internet Of Biden’s Corruption


Wikipedia removed its page about Rosemont Seneca Partners, a firm created by Joe Biden’s son Hunter and John Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz, who serves as the Presidential Envoy for the Climate. The deletion of the company’s entry came on the same day that a slew of reports about its shady activities in various countries.

The NY Post also reported that the entry was modest and lacked anything that could be interpreted as “conspiracies.” But it did confirm the collaboration between the children of two top Democrats, as well as their connection to an organization implicated in terrible criminal activity that may have significant national security implications.

According to a Wikipedia representative, the page was being deleted because it might become a “magnet for conspiracies” regarding the president’s son. He did not mention which “conspiracy theories” he was alluding to. Hunter’s laptop has led to so many that even the NY Times has published “conspiracy theories” concerning Hunter at this point.

The online encyclopaedia has been before. In May 2020, Larry Sanger, Wikipedia’s co-founder, spoke out against the organization’s blatant political bias in favor of left-wing causes.

Sanger, who is no longer affiliated with Wikipedia, was upset about the betrayal by the firm, stating that “there’s a new policy that supports the completely false notion of ‘journalistic fake balance,’ which directly goes against the original policy.”

Finally, he stressed the blatant nature of the firm’s information curation, remarking that examples of its editorial activism are “embarrassingly straightforward to discover.”

This is yet more proof that big tech is in league with Democrats to censor and control the narrative to protect the ruling class from public exposure.

We can only keep fighting to ensure the truth re-emerges and conservatives and truth-loving independents and even some Democrats regain the power in America.

Because if this doesn’t happen, we are in for a world of hurt as the powers that be grow their influence piece by piece and slowly takeover the country like a disease spreading without a cure.

Author: Scott Dowdy