Big Tech Intentionally Puts Police Officers In Danger

An independent news outlet was censored multiple times by Twitter so far this week for talking about an ANTIFA threat against cops.

Media Right News was not allowed to post on Twitter for simply reporting facts about ANTIFA, using their own quote. The tech giant is hiding their true agenda as they allow anti-white terrorists to organize violence on their platform.

After being hit with censorship, Media Right News appealed the decision and was then denied. They appealed it again and Twitter responded with this decision.

“Our support team has decided that a violation did occur, and therefore the decision will not be overturned,” Twitter said.

“To restore your account functionality, you can resolve these violations by completing our on-screen instructions when you logon to your account,” they added.

Twitter is trying to change independent journalists like Pavlov’s dogs, coercing and training them to self-censor to conform with Big Brother’s liberal employees and owners. Media Right News is not going along with their diabolical agenda.

“I did not harass anyone. I simply quoted Antifa, and we CONDEMNED the quote and disagree with the quote,” Media Right News has said.

Big tech companies must be dealt with before they make freedom of speech a thing of the past. This might be doable if we amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act or by classifying these platforms as utilities.

Author: Blake Ambrose