Biden’s Violence Against Trump Supporters Gets Him More Than He Expected

A federal judge this Wednesday found two federal officials with D.C.’s Dept. of Corrections in contempt of court, and asked for the Justice Dept. to look into whether the jail broke the civil rights of many of the detained January 6 defendants, as reported by The Washington Post.

United States District Judge Royce C. Lamberth acted after discovering that jail officials did not turn over details needed to process a surgery that was recommended up to four months ago for a January 6 defendant’s broke wrist, the Post said.

Lamberth said failure to turn over these medical details of Christopher Worrell – who was charged with four felonies coming from the January 6 protest at the Capitol — was “more than simply being inept,” suggesting that it was deliberate mistreatment.

Worrell, who had a broken wrist as far back as May, was recommended to have his surgery back in June but still has not undergone the operation.

Many people report that jailed January 6 defendants are being unfairly treated.

The judge ordered Quincy Booth, who is the director of the city’s Dept. of Corrections, along with Wanda Patten, who is a warden in the D.C. Jail, to be kept in contempt of court.

“I find that the civil rights of this defendant was broken,” the judge stated. “I do not know if it was because he’s a Jan. 6th defendant or not, but I do see this issue should be sent for a civil rights review into whether this Dept. of Corrections broke the civil rights of other defendants … in this and maybe some other cases.”

Lamberth said that the United States Marshals might have to transport these inmates from their current D.C. jail to another location if they are really being improperly treated.

The D.C. jail has triggered frustration among judges for a long time because of its conditions, specifically the affect of covid restrictions and staff shortages.

Lamberth had previously scolded city officials for removing the rooms within the jail for virtual court visits, and for “incompetence of the jail officials” in sending an inmate to him before a covid test was done.

Protesters around the United States Capitol held the ‘Justice for J6’ rally on September 18 to support a fair process for the people charged in the Capitol protest on January 6.

Author: Scott Dowdy