Biden’s Support Drops Like a Rock, Even Among Democrats

Reuters has released a new poll for Wednesday, and it reports changes that are less than gentle to President Biden. The poll was done June 11-17.

“U.S. President Biden has seen a decrease in support since April, mainly from other Democrats, as his administration works with Congress to enact his campaign promises and more Americans are anxious about the economy, Reuters polling shows,” a Reuter article says.

The polling revealed that the economy was a top concern among the people in the poll.

The economy has taken the place of healthcare and coronavirus as the top concern, with almost a quarter of adults saying it the most important issue. Most of Americans are worried about increasing living costs, and the public is pretty much evenly split over what role the government should take in making things better, according to the poll.

Forty-eight percent approve of Biden’s management of the economy, which is lower by 4 points from another survey that was done in April. The number who disapprove of Biden’s management of the economy increased 4 points to 43%….

Only 35% believe the U.S. economy is going in the right direction, and 44% said they are “very worried” that prices will keep increasing, according to the new poll.

With Democrats, 78% report that they approve of Biden’s economic plans, which is down by 7 points from April.

It’s not just the economy where President Biden faces problems with his own party.

A graphic comparing his support from Democrats on numerous issues reveals that his support has lowered from April to June of this year, in every area shown. The topics include the “Covid-19,” “Economy,” “Gun violence,” “Racial inequality,” “Employment/job,” “Taxation,” “International trade,” “Environment” and “Immigration.”

Biden’s falling support numbers is also in line with results from a recently done Yahoo poll.

Author: Scott Dowdy